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Help protect your family from the unthinkable.



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  • Help Pay Off Mortgage

    For most homeowners, the mortgage is the largest source of personal debt. Mortgage protection insurance protects a homeowner and their family, usually the length of the mortgage term.

  • Provide Income Later in Life

    A proper retirement income plan should include multiple sources of retirement income. At least one of those income sources should be non-taxable. This allows a retiree to coordinate various retirement income streams to minimize the overall taxation of that income.

  • Pay For Funeral Costs

    Preparing for a funeral can be an exhausting event in an already emotional time. The Alliance offers several Final Expense products to our clients that are extremely affordable and usually do not require a medical exam.



Join our team and have fun, make money, and more importantly, make a difference.

Have Fun

Do you believe in taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? We do, too. Our group adventures have been described as “going on vacation with a few hundred of our friends.” Exotic trips are a common occurrence each year, as well as attending concerts, sporting events, team building exercises and leadership retreats. Regardless of the activity, agents create fun and lasting memories for everyone.

Make Money

Whether you want to learn fast or slow, or work part-time or full time there is opportunity for a great income. You definitely will be paid well for the level of effort you put in. Some agents prefer to concentrate on writing policies, while others desire to build an independent agency. The Alliance accommodates either type of agent, and excels at producing people with the knack to do both. Either way, working as an agent with us is a very lucrative endeavor.

Make a Difference

People like us feel strongly about giving back to the community. It is our duty to leave this world better than we found it. Even when our agents are on a fabulous trip in an exotic location, they often make the effort to donate some of their time to a local need and provide physical labor to enhance the area. The Alliance truly believes in helping people and does so in various areas and ways.